2020: GPU Market

Gokul Soundararajan
2 min readNov 4, 2020

NVIDIA have lot of opportunities to grow more itself which can be unlocked when they could look back.

#Nvidia could have sold chips to everybody for training #neuralnetwork which would have triggered lot of aspiring minds and they would have solved lot of challenges, filled lot of gaps & built new opportunities through that could have earnt more profit than before by productizing chips similar to Intel.

Lex Fridman & George Hotz were right, products of NVIDIA’s higher end computers like DGX A100 were sold at higher margins $199,000 which is a not performing really well when compared to the latest 3rd Generation RTX Chips RTX3090

Opportunity is very open now whoever makes the fastest move could unlock infinite treasuries.

Tesla Dojo, TPU, NVIDIA & hardware optimized for machine learning | George Hotz and Lex Fridman

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